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Managing Directors

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Andreas Schmitt


Postal address

Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH

Garnisonstraße 12




Tel: +49-5671-5085-0

Fax: +49-5671-5085-999



Commercial register: Amtsgericht Kassel HRB 9217

Registered office: Hofgeismar

VAT registration number: DE 181 332 471


Contact points for whistleblowers

Responsible, sustainable and lawful behaviour is an integral part of the values of Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH. The Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH whistleblower system is open to all employees, business partners, customers or other third parties who wish to report specific or potential legal violations. This enables risks to be recognised and addressed at an early stage and appropriate remedial action to be taken if necessary.

Confidentiality and the protection of whistleblowers are our top priority. If desired, information can also be provided anonymously.
The following channels are available for reporting specific or potential breaches of the law:

Legal, Tax & Compliance department
Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH,
Garnisonstr. 12,
34369 Hofgeismar
+49 5671 5085 125

Managing Director
Andreas Schmitt
Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH,
Garnisonstr. 12,
34369 Hofgeismar
+49 5671 5085 122

As an alternative to our internal reporting channels, you can also submit reports of misconduct to the central external reporting office of the German Federal Office of Justice (BfJ):
Please note: Internal reporting is often the best way to get information to the people who can most quickly investigate and remedy the offence. In cases where effective action can be taken internally against the violation and you do not fear reprisals, you should favour reporting to an internal reporting office. If an internally reported violation has not been remedied, you are free to contact the external reporting centre.


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